Dr. Satira Streeter CorbittAscensions Psychological and Community Services, Inc.

“As a clinical psychologist in Washington, DC I see the devastation of trauma and children not being pushed to their full creative potential. To address this I created a journal/history fact book in which children would be able to process their thoughts, learn about the great things that their ancestors and elders have accomplished, and expand their writing skills. Murphy Design was able to make my vision for the cover into reality by creating covers that will entice children and parents to pick up the book and explore the information within.  I also asked her to create cover art that was meaningful and would encourage children to write while making sure that they were proud enough to want to carry it with them every day. Mission Accomplished!!! We are forever grateful.”

Rachel F. MoranSenior Financial Planner, CFP® RTD Financial

“Rosemary has been instrumental in refreshing our brand. She was able to redesign our logo with a modern feel while incorporating a nod to our deep history. She also created beautiful brochures for all three of our service lines, and helped us implement guidelines for brand consistency. Rosemary’s eye for design and ability to interpret feedback with the utmost of patience have elevated her as a trusted partner of our firm. We will continue to look to Rosemary for help in projecting our cohesive brand image.”

James C Schell, LLCRenovations, Remodeling & Carpentry

“Rosemary is great to work with. Beginning with our marketing plan, she’s helped us get a handle on our brand and created an identity for us that’s flexible and quickly identifiable—perfect for our company. She takes a real interest in our business and is always looking for ways to leverage our successes. She’s become a very important part of our team. With Rosemary on board I know we’re all pulling in the same direction.”

Jennifer Hunt HortonCo-Owner of Fifth of a Farm Creations, All Natural Jams & Jellies

“Rosemary designed the product labels for Fifth of a Farm Creations. She took the general concept and created a label with zing! Her creativity and professionalism are outstanding. It was a pleasure to work with Rosemary and look forward to collaborating with her on other future projects.”

Norma MeshkovPresident, Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs

“Rosemary is a delightful combination of creativity, artistic talent and flexibility. She is a great listener and, thus, she is able to turn a vision into a reality. Rosemary is a valued collaborator on many of our initiatives. It is rare to find a professional who is as modest as she is talented.”

Susan Young HemphillWriter & Marketing Consultant

“Rosemary and I have worked together for perhaps 20 years, collaborating on projects that range from annual reports to advertising campaigns to Web sites and social media. Rosemary approaches every project with curiosity and enthusiasm. She is very professional in every aspect of conceptualizing, design and coordinating print production. She is a strong creative thinker whether working on a consumer campaign or b2b brochure. When I’m working with Rosemary on a project I know that deadlines will be met, work will be well-presented and the process will go smoothly. Clients who have worked with Rosemary consider her to be a trusted member of their team and respect her expertise and thoughtfulness. She produces work that makes everyone look good.”

Emy HalpernUPenn College of General Studies

“Rosemary Murphy combines artistry with whimsy to create extraordinary graphic designs that beautifully match the messages they intend to convey. It is a pleasure to work with Rosemary Murphy because she listens carefully and has a remarkable ability to translate abstract concepts into unique visual designs.”

Rich NolanVice President, Garrison Printing

“I have worked with Rosemary on hundreds of projects over the past 25 years. She is not only a fabulous designer but a passionate, committed and tenacious individual who always gives at least 110% to anything she is involved in.”

Self-Promotional Pieces

Selected Holiday Greetings, Postcard About Hope, “Chew on This”—a Collaborative Post Card Series with Lisa Godfrey Photography, Susan Hemphill Copywriting.